Meet the Owners: Deidre & Christan! February 23, 2018 17:00 4 Comments

Hi! We are thrilled to have you check us out! You have seen us on our website, social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, and may not have known that we are the owners of Lennon of Lace. Some boutiques have a few to several employees---with L&L, it is just the two of us! (Cue the music...Just the two of us, we can make it if we try!..." ) We have chosen to keep our shop close and intimate where we can really get to know our customers. Through the business, we have developed some amazing friendships with so many of you! We are best friends (affectionately call each other our "Framily"), business partners and next door neighbors. Seriously, NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS... It's crazy how it all came to be but we are grateful for each other and the path that led us to start Lennon & Lace. Now, for those that do not know us- let us introduce ourselves...

My name is Deidre Carroll. I am the brunette. I am married and together, my husband and I, have two kids. Fashion has always been a passion of mine. Originally, I started a children's custom order shop, called Paper Dolls Clothing & Accessories, where I would make dresses, bibs, outfits, etc. I enjoy sewing so much, and it is a hobby that I was so proud to make into a profitable business. However, sewing takes a very loooonnnnggg time, and it really began to be a burden since it took a lot of time away from my children. So now, I dabble in it when I can and enjoy the process. I am the style curator for Lennon & Lace. I would like to think of myself as creative and always eager to change things up--including my own look. I like to dress not only for the occasion but for my mood in that moment as well. When women come to our local shop, many of them enjoy the styling process of mixing different pieces together to create their own looks. It is something I get really excited about! I wish that you all could come visit in person so we could have our own dress up fun--but just know that I am only a phone call away if you have any questions!

Hi, I'm Christan Curtis, the tall blonde with an emphasis on the tall...or should I say Amazonian which is what I feel like around Deidre! I am married and we have a teenager. Fashion has actually NEVER been a passion of mine, because I have always struggled with finding things that I felt comfortable my college days, I was actually the rebellious anti-fashion/trendy girl who dyed her hair blue-black and wore nothing but combat boots and anything black and baggy! I would have never dreamed that I would one day be a co-owner of a women's clothing boutique or of donning a floral tunic and leggings or jeggings or anything at all slim fitting or too revealing of my imperfections. What I've realized through this new journey is that no matter what our size or shape, we all have our own self-perceived and sometimes imagined body imperfections...but when we find things that fit us better, that we are comfortable in and that we love, it can make all the difference in how we feel about ourselves. I've seen that with myself and so many women that have come in to shop with us. We originally never wanted to be the ones who modeled our clothes because we were shy, and self conscious about ourselves, as most women are! However, what we realized is that we are real women, and we are both so different...(she being 5'3" and size 3, and I being 5'10" size 10/12/14 something around there depending on the time of year) it was a perfect way to show how we can help make things work for all shapes and sizes. Sure, what fits on Deidre as a dress will more than likely be a top or tunic on me, and the perfect length capri jeans for me will probably be full length on her, but we know if we find something we both love, then chances are most of you will love it too! Or at least we hope you do!