Convertible Pearl Necklace/Bracelet Wrap – Lennon & Lace

Convertible Pearl Necklace/Bracelet Wrap

$ 22.00

An absolute must have accessory for any outfit! Available in brown or black.

45" to allow for 1-2 wraps around as a necklace and 4-5 wraps around for a bracelet. These handmade necklaces contain 9  10-11 mm genuine freshwater pearls on 2mm brown or black suede.

The customizable options are endless. Slide the pearls into any position and wear as a long tassel necklace. Wrap around your neck twice and slide the center pearl up to tighten into a choker style. Or wrap several times around your wrist for a boho style dangle bracelet. Need more pearls? We love to wear 2 of these together for a bolder statement layered necklace too! These are great gift ideas, guaranteed to be the perfect stocking stuffer! 

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